"Beaumond House Community Hospice have recently had the opportunity to use the services provided by Annicare and on those occasions they have supplied a nurse with not only the right experience, but also the right values for our organisation. They did this in a timely way and made it easy for us because of all the appropriate checks that they have as part of their recruitment process too. We will definitely use them on a future occasion to help us when required”


Chief Executive, Beaumond House Community Hospice.


"I just wanted to say a really really big and heartfelt Thank You to Annicare for the help they gave me with the care of my Mother. I only found out at 10am on the Monday morning that the NHS funded 24 hr care she received would be withdrawn that day and so I was quite desperate to find care urgently, but it had to be the right care. Annicare, did not hesitate. They were certain they would be able to assist with a 24 hour care plan that started that after noon, they emailed over the profiles of all of the carers that would be with my Mother, they got each one to call me to find out what was required and they ensured a book log was started for hand over from one carer to the next. They were up and running seemlessly and their flexibility was quite simply out of this world, My Mothers health kept fluctuating and so I kept cancelling the care and then changing my mind and re booking, They were brilliant! Never once did they complain at my indecisiveness and they simply understood the stress of the situation and did whatever was asked of them even if it was 10pm at night! Honestly honestly way beyond anything I could really ever have expected! .............The Carers were brilliant, and brought a smile to my Mums face when they arrived if she was awake, which was lovely to see. They asked about my Mums interests, looked into whether the TV worked etc and really thought about my Mum as a person and not just a sick person in bed which meant a lot. Thank you thank you Annicare, I cannot recommend you enough to anyone in need of a Carer."


Supported one to one in a Lincoln hospital by Annicare Staff.


"It Was really lovely to meet you and the team on Friday. I have had many interviews in my nursing career and I can honestly say that this is the first time I came out of an interview buzzing and excited to be working for the company . I can't wait to work with annicare and that was because of your excellent communication skills and positive energy . Thank you for the interview , you made it fun , informative , and were very professional . I will highly recommend you to all my friends and family. I would also like to say that Dion's positivity for the company shined through too and it was great to meet him , and Andrea on reception made me feel extremely welcome" .




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