Annicare at Home

Complex & Nursing Care

Complex or Nursing care, also referred to as long-term care or continuing care, is provided to patients with significant healthcare needs such as chronic illness, disabilities and ongoing medical needs. These healthcare needs could include brain damage, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, ventilators and Gastrostomy feed needs such as PEG.

Complex care requires the carer to be proficient in often complex & specific caring methods, which can be learnt, monitored and taught by our clinical team. As well as providing complex care, carers will also consider facilitating patients to lead independent, active, and fulfilled lives wherever & whenever possible.

Domiciliary Care

Often thought of as the traditional type of homecare of anything of 30mins and over to provide specific timed care or support throughout the day. Whether it be to assist with medication, personal care or just a little bit of help with your meal times Annicare can support you or a loved one. Trained staff will be on hand to support you when you when you need it.


Special Occasion Care

It is exactly that, one of our trained members of staff will support you or a loved one to attend a special event which you would find otherwise difficult without support. It could be a family wedding, birthday party or even just a family meal, whatever the event Annicare can support you to make it happen safely and with the support you need.

Mental Health & Learning Disability Support

Annicare has specific teams able to support specialist conditions such as Autism, Epilepsy, ADHD, PTSD and others. Person centred support and care plans enable us to provide the reassurance and care needed, with trained staff, during a difficult time. Our teams also cover a wide variety of learning disabilities conditions downs syndrome, challenging behaviour, cerebal palsy and others. Importantly our staff are trained specifically to meet the needs of the service user and in the particular condition.


Live in care

The benefit of live in care is having someone on hand 24hours a day to be able to provide care, support and companionship. You can be safe with peace of mind that a trained carer is on hand and the support and care can be as varied as you require. Our care staff can and will support you with trips out, appointments and making sure that you eat a balanced diet. Live in care provides peace of mind that you or a loved one is receiving the care and support they need when they need it.


A service specifically designed to help you, or a loved one, get back on your feet after an operation. Our clinician will work with your discharge team to create your support plan once you are home. Including all other health professionals needed we will monitor your progress and work with you over the coming weeks providing feedback to your GP and Hospital to make sure that progress is being made with the aim being that you recover from your surgery.

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