What training do we offer?

Here at Annicare we are proud to offer our in house training, which is open to all our existing staff.

For further details please contact us now!

We are now also proud to be able to offer the opportunity to those who are interested in joining the healthcare community, but have no previous experience to come in and train with us! For more details please email beth@annicare.co.uk or chloe@annicare.co.uk.

We offer the following subjects additional to E-Learning:


  • Moving and Handling

  • Safeguarding adults and children

  • DOLS

  • Mental Capacity Act

  • Infectional Control

  • Medication Management

  • Food Hygiene

  • PEG management

  • Syringe Driver management

  • Palliative care course

  • Positive behaviour management

  • Workplace Wellness

  • Autism Awareness

  • Dementia Awareness

  • Challenging Behaviour Awareness

  • Epilepsy Management

  • Documentation

  • Care Planning and Risk Management


More clinical training available upon request: julie@annicare.co.uk for more information. 

I started with nothing and gained absolutely everything! I had no experience with care before the course but saw this as an opportunity to gain a new career within the care sector. I have got on really well with the services I have worked within and I have one particular care service that I go to regularly. I would definitely recommend the course. It provided a good base to work from and prepared me to know what to expect when working within the care sector
— Emma Dalzell
Getting on great with the course, Daniel is very good at delivering the information and I’m having a good time.
— James
The course has been really good and interesting so far. Daniel is an enthusiastic trainer and has lots of knowledge and is helpful at answering any questions. The group are really lovely and friendly people, so I’m really enjoying it.
— Vicky
The course was good and it provided helpful skills and knowledge to prepare me to work within care services. I have learnt a lot more since working for Annicare and I have received positive feedback from other carers that I have worked with. It’s been a big eye opener for me and I feel the care industry are not thought of high enough. I am looking forward to gaining new work experiences with Annicare in the future
— Alex Mitchell
Its going really well. It’s very interesting and informative!! I hope I’m taking it all in. Daniel is a good teacher and is very enthusiastic, friendly and helpful I’m looking forward to tomorrow.
— Chrissie
The course has been good so far. I’m really enjoying it and learnt a lot already. Looking forward to putting it into practise on Friday 😊
— Emma
To start with I felt scared because it was a big change for me. I have only done factory work and helped care for my partner. It’s been really nice to work with different people and I am really looking forward to starting work in one of Annicare’s new services next week. The Annicare induction to care course was really interactive with lots of group work, which helped me because I am quite a shy person. It really helped to prepare me to work within Annicare’s care services
— Lisa Hendry